Fleetwood Gold America’s #1 Fleetwood Mac Experience

Fleetwood Gold is the most followed Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the Midwest. They will take you on a musical journey through the best of Fleetwood Mac, from the early years through Stevie Nicks’ solo career. Their recreations of the best of Fleetwood Mac features tightly fused harmonies, soaring lead vocals and amazing guitar playing to deliver the authentic sound of Fleetwood Mac. It’s all about the music. No backing tracks or tricks. The band is led by two-time national blues guitar champion Chris Shutters (Lyndsey) and Columbus, Ohio-based singer/songwriters Erika Prehm (Stevie) and Sara Reat (Christine).

Since bursting onto the scene just three years ago, Fleetwood Gold has been setting stages ablaze, gathering a legion of devoted fans along the way. With over 10,000 social media followers and counting, this tribute act is more than a show, it is an experience. From Performing Arts Centers to festivals, they’ve wowed crowds everywhere they go.

Martin Sexton Abbey Road Show

Martin Sexton puts his signature style on his rendition of this iconic Beatles album combining what Rolling Stone calls his “soul-marinated voice” with his inventive guitar prowess.

We are all invited to Come Together to experience these brilliant songs celebrated in such a compelling reimagined way.

Don Felder

Don “Fingers” Felder, a true American rock and roll guitar hero, is very much looking forward to building upon his rich legacy as one of the most innovative riff-generating songwriters of the modern rock era while continuing his growth as a featured touring and recording solo artist.

To that end, Felder finds himself most decidedly back in the driver’s seat with the release of his first solo album in seven years, American Rock ’N’ Roll (BMG). American Rock ’N’ Roll consists of 11 high-energy rockers mixed with touching, thoughtful ballads. ARnR also boasts a who’s who of A-list guest contributors including Slash, Sammy Hagar, Peter Frampton, Mick Fleetwood, Joe Satriani, Orianthi, Richie Sambora, Alex Lifeson, and many, many more.

Not only is Felder a proud, longstanding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, having been inducted with the Eagles back in 1998, he was also inaugurated into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville in 2016 and the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2017. Fact is, Felder spent 27 years with the Eagles, who own the fine distinction of recording the top-selling album of all time — Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), which has sold over 38 million copies (and counting). “I’m blessed enough to have contributed to and been a part of a very talented mixture of voices, writing, guitar parts, and production. I’m very proud of that,” he says of the group.

Don left the band in 2001 and has since forged an impressive career as a top-tier solo artist with a three fully realized full-length albums as well and several very successful singles for film scores like Heavy Metal, 1983’s sonically soaring Airborne and 2012’s multifaceted song-cycle treatise, Road to Forever and American Rock ‘N’ Roll. Felder added “best-selling author” to his impressive C.V. when his spellbinding 2008 memoir, Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001), became an instant New York Times smash bestseller.

Felder navigated the burgeoning rock scene in his native Gainesville, Florida, in the 1960s, which included a stint teaching guitar to Tom Petty and learning slide guitar from his longtime friend Duane Allman. His matchless lead-guitar tone added extra fuel to Eagles tracks like “Already Gone,” “One of These Nights,” “Take It to the Limit,” and “New Kid in Town,” in addition to having co-written “Victim of Love,” “Those Shoes,” and his most popular co-creation, “Hotel California.” Felder has also recorded with and performed alongside top-drawer artists such as The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Warren Zevon, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Joni Mitchell, and Stephen Stills, whom Don first crossed paths in his first band, The Continentals in Gainesville in the early 1960s.

Spending more and more time on the road as the frontman of his own tight-knit solo band made Felder realize he needed to put in the time to hone his own distinctive voice into a finely tuned instrument. “That’s just how I work,” Don explains. “A lead vocal has to fit the song — it has to fit the timbre and texture of the song. Otherwise, you’re a one-note samba.” Felder counts extended runs with Foreigner, Styx, Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus, and REO Speedwagon as touring highlights.

What’s next for Fingers Felder? Extensive touring is most definitely already locked into place to get behind the majestic sounds and broad shoulders of American Rock ’N’ Roll. In the meantime, let us continue to admire the essence of Don Felder, a man who continues to push boundaries and expand horizons. It’s the only way that he can travel down that road.

Songs and Stories with Roger McGuinn

An Evening with Roger McGuinn begins with the stage dark and the sound of Roger’s 12-string Rickenbacker guitar filling the house as he approaches the standing microphone to sing his signature Bob Dylan song “My Back Pages.” He always begins his concerts with this song because he takes the audience on the journey through which his love of folk music took him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jim McGuinn (he changed his name later to Roger) began playing guitar when he was 14 and left Chicago for his first professional job at 17. The Limeliters sent him an airplane ticket to Los Angeles to play guitar and banjo on their RCA album “Tonight in Person.” It was during that recording time that he joined them at the Hollywood Bowl opening up for Eartha Kit.”

Chad Mitchell heard about McGuinn’s abilities and asked him to join his group, “The Chad Mitchell Trio” as the accompanist on guitar and banjo. He was 18 years old.

He toured with the CMT for a year or so but when Bobby Darin saw him performing, he immediately offered McGuinn a job paying twice what he was making with Mitchell. Mr. Darin asked Jim to play his guitar and sing a 15 minute set of folk songs in the middle of his variety concert.

When Bobby decided to take a break from performing live, he invited Jim to join him in New York city to work at the famed Brill Building as a songwriter for TM Music. It was a day job, so in the evenings Jim would work as a studio musician in the City. He became Judy Collins’ musical director, helped Paul Simon record the demo for “Sound of Silence” and was very active in the recording business as the “go to” guy for 12-string guitar.

It was at the Brill Building that Jim first heard the most fascinating music come over the radio. The Beatles were using folk music chords with a rock beat. He was drawn to the idea and began singing ‘rocked up’ folk music in Greenwich Village coffee houses. The performances did not endear him to the folk singers of the time, but the club owner loved it. He put a sign outside advertising “Beatle Impersonations” … which McGuinn found embarrassing. He needed to get out of New York; so he accepted a job in Los Angeles at the Troubadour folk club, opening up for Hoyt Axton.

Hoyt Axton was the first person to invite Jim to sing on a recording. He sang harmony on Hoyt’s “Balladeer” album.

The folk audience didn’t appreciate the combination of folk songs and a Beatle Beat anymore than the folkies in Greenwich village but there was one musician that did. His name was Gene Clark. It was the beginning of a musical revolution.

David Crosby, Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke joined the duo and history was about to be made. The Byrds were born!

Their first single was penned by Bob Dylan but when the group heard the demo, they weren’t too impressed. Jim had an idea on how to fix the folkie song. He had been an arranger in NYC, so adding a Bach type intro and a Beatle Beat took the song “Mr Tambourine Man” to the number one slot across the world.

Roger (he had changed his name) disbanded the BYRDS in 1973 to pursue his dream of being a folk singer like Pete Seeger. He says that the BYRDS were a nice detour on his way to his dream.

He recorded five solo albums on Columbia Records. In 1978 he joined with Gene Clark and Chris Hillman for 3 albums on Capitol Records. In 1991 just after the BYRDS were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he recorded on Arista Records his acclaimed “Back From Rio” album with a host of friends, including Tom Petty, Elvis Costello , David Crosby, Chris Hillman and others. It was the last vinyl record in his catalogue.

In 1995 Roger became concerned the traditional folk songs were being lost. No one was recording the songs of over one hundred years ago, so he had an idea. He had always been interested in technology and the world wide web was coming of age. He decided to post an original folk song with a live recording on his web page mcguinn.com each month. He hasn’t missed a month since November 1995. It is carried by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a public service.

In 1996 he released his autobiographical one man show on Hollywood Records, “Live From Mars.” The Jayhawks joined him for two studio recordings, “May The Road Rise To Meet You” and “Fireworks.”

Appleseed Records invited Roger to record some of his favorite folk songs with the vanguards of folk music: Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Jean Ritche, Josh White Jr and his guitar teacher Frank Hamilton and his wife Mary. The recording “Treasure From the Folk Den” received a Grammy nomination in 2002.

In 2005, Roger went into the studio with John Jorgensen and Stan Lynch to record a tribute to his late friend George Harrison, ‘If I Needed Someone.” It was fitting for Roger to record it because George told him that he was inspired by Roger’s guitar work on “Bells Of Rhymney.” This recording became the beginning for Roger’s own recording label, “April First Productions.” The name was from the wedding date in 1978 to Camilla. He released another 4-CD set to commemorate the 20 year Folk Den Anniversary in 2015.

With freedom that came with his own label Roger could record anything he wanted and he did.

CCD, a recording of sea shanties was one of his favorites because of the lore of the sea. He also released a live concert recorded for his mother’s 102 birthday which includes a DVD with some concert footage and friends talking about his influence including Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Chris Hillman, Dave Barry, Pete Seeger and Derek Taylor.

The fans at concerts wanted recordings of some BYRDS songs, so Roger re-recorded “Mr. Tambourine Man, ”So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star” and “Turn, Turn, Turn” Since Roger was the lead singer and lead guitar player on those songs in the BYRDS, the songs sound like the BYRDS. He included new songs on this CD called “Sweet Memories.”

During the year at home through the COVID lock down, Roger and Camilla decided to send a Christmas CD to friends as a Christmas card. The friends encouraged then to release it to the public since it is a true Christmas CD…simply titled “Merry Christmas”

When asked if he plans on retiring, he laughs, “What? Give up show-business? It’s called “playing music” and I’ve been playing since I was 14.

photograph by John Chiasson

Crash Test Dummies with Carleton Stone

In 2018, 25 years a/er the release of their mul8-Grammy nominated hit album “God Shuffled His Feet”, The Crash Test Dummies hit the road
for the first 8me in 20 years with an Anniversary Tour that spanned North America. The overwhelming recep8on led to a 30th Anniversary
Tour in 2022 for their debut release “The Ghosts That Haunt Me” that touched down in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands,
Luxembourg, and Canada.

And the band is showing no signs of slowing down . . .

“Touring again was not something we’d planned on, but surprisingly – at least to me – there are lots of people who many years later, s8ll want
to come and hear us. The folks that are coming out to see these shows tell us their stories, some of them very funny, some very dark and all
very personal. It’s very humbling, being in the confidence of so many people” says lead singer-songwriter Brad Roberts, “and it has inspired
us to con8nue to tour and make music.”

Early 2023 will see the release a new, original Crash Test Dummies single “Sacred Alphabet“ as they again hit the road in North America
and Europe.

Dreamboat Annie

Dreamboat Annie – A tribute to Heart delivers an unforgettable performance of the Wilson sisters and Heart! This is one show you don’t want to miss as Dreamboat Annie takes you through the Heart catalog as only they can! Hit after hit all night long! Come experience the powerful vocals and musicianship of this great show!

The Eagles Project (Acoustic)

The Eagles Project returns to Memorial Hall for a special acoustic performance of favorites from the catalogues of The Eagles and their solo projects. They will be returning with the Eagles Project Strings for a special holiday flavored performance.

It all began with an idea and a love of great music shared by talented musicians. Wanting a creative project to both enjoy and perform for fans became our mission and now we want to share it with you. All of our members have had success in the music industry and performed all over the country. Yet coming together to perform the music of the Eagles, Henley, Frey and Walsh and James Gang has created an explosive dynamic project. One that has been delighting and exciting fans of this music like never before. The Eagles Project presents the music as it should be, true to the originals. Come see for yourself, your ears will thank you!

Turn to Stone: A Tribute to ELO

Turn to Stone: A Tribute to ELO delivers an unforgettable evening of Electric Light Orchestra’s biggest hits! Experience the magic and nostalgia of a legendary rock band as Turn to Stone captures the essence of a 1970’s ELO performance with a live string section, light show and ’70’s clothing. Crowds will instantly recognize classics such as “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Sweet Talkin Woman,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” “Telephone Line,” “Turn to Stone,” “Evil Woman,” “Do Ya” and more.

Turn To Stone: A Tribute to ELO was created to preserve the legacy and music of Electric Light Orchestra for all generations of fans. In order to create an authentic experience, Turn to Stone tours similar to how Jeff Lynne led the Electric Light Orchestra in the 1970s, with a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer, violins, and cellos. Although newer on the scene, Turn to Stone is actively touring and adding more dates all the time. Do not miss your chance to see this LIVE performance!

John Oates (Acoustic) An Evening of Song & Stories

John Oates is cofounder of the iconic music creators Hall & Oates, as well as an accomplished solo artist. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The American Songwriters Hall of Fame, recipient of the prestigious BMI Icon Award as well as numerous American Music, MTV awards, and multiple Grammy nominations.

Since forming his creative partnership with Daryl Hall in the early 1970s, they have gone on to record 21 albums, which have sold over 80 million units, making them the most successful duo in rock history. They have scored 10 number one records, over 20 Top 40 hits, and have toured the world for decades. Their involvement in the original “Live Aid” concert and the groundbreaking “We Are The World” charity recording have further established them as legendary artists, who have personally and through their music, stood the test of time.

Since embarking on a solo career in 1999, John has recorded seven solo albums: Phu Phunk Shui/ 1000 Miles of Life/ Mississippi Mile/ The Bluesville Sessions/ Good Road To Follow/ Arkansas and Live from Nashville with the Good Road Band. In addition, his 2017 autobiography “Change of Season” released by St. Martin’s press, became an Amazon best seller.

In 2023 he released a series of new original digital singles distributed by “The Orchard” in a wide variety of eclectic styles as well as penning another series of songs for the feature film “Gringa”. His most recent recording project is titled “Folk-esque” and is scheduled for release in early 2024. He is currently performing an intimate series of solo acoustic shows called an “Evening of Songs and Stories” in America and around the world.

In 2021, John and his wife Aimee partnered with the streaming broadcast service NugsTV and co-producer Drive Entertainment Group to create a virtual celebration of stories and songs called “OATES SONG FEST 7908“. Inspired by a live series of shows that they created in 2010 at the historic Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, CO.

“OATES SONG FEST 7908” became a free streaming concert with all donations and proceeds going to FEEDINGAMERICA.ORG. The broadcast featured an all-star roster of artists all of whom have volunteered their songs and performances to help families without food across the nation, and as a result, over 450,000 meals were provided for American families.

In 2022, John became the international ambassador for “MOVEMBER” the men’s health initiative and released a new original song called “Pushing A Rock” with a theme of overcoming life’s challenges and struggles.

Oates continues to be involved in his passion for automobiles and motorsport with his collection of sports cars and active participation in concours events and the Porsche Club of America.

John and his wife Aimee reside in Nashville, Tennessee and Aspen, Colorado.