Welcome to ComedySportz® Cincinnati!

ComedySportz® is an award winning, totally improvised show. It’s comedy for everyone. Really! Our fans are ages 7 to 97!

Our show is entirely improvised. We don’t have scripts or pre-planned scenes. A ComedySportz® match only works with your suggestions. Keep those suggestions clean, or the Referee could call a “Brown Bag Foul” and you’ll end up wearing a paper bag on your head.

ComedySportz® is comedy played as a sport. Two teams battle it out for audience laughs and points while improvising scenes based upon audience suggestions. The Blue Team and the Red Team are under the command of the all powerful Referee and at the mercy of their audience fans, who control the outcome of the match! Matches are clean, light-hearted, and fast-paced entertainment designed with everyone in mind. We play with and for the audience, our fans, to create a one of a kind, laughter-filled experience. Your bachelorette party and your grandmother are guaranteed to have a great time!

ComedySportz® is produced locally by OTRimprov.

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Memorial Hall offers bar service, including wine, Bud Light and craft beer offerings from Taft’s Ale HouseRhinegeist, MadTree Brewing, and Christian Moerlein Brewing Co

Historic Memorial Hall is located in the heart of the revitalized arts district of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sitting directly across the street from recently renovated Washington Park, and just blocks away from OTR’s bustling entertainment district, you can turn your trip to the MEMO into a whole day, or evening, of fun! Click here to plan your visit to OTR. 




Sun, December 08, 2019


2:00 PM


$12 for Adults and $9 for 15 years old and younger

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